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Regardless of which season of Charmed you would like to buy, the following applies.
These are vhs tapes.  That's video, not DVD or VCD.  They are in SLP format (6 hours per tape).  The quality is good.  However, the quality can only be as good as the show has produced.  If the lighting was dark while filming an episode for instance I have no control over that.  For detailed episodes lists, please consult  I will not be offering refunds, replacements, exchanges, etc. for any reason.  Including, but not limited to, you've decided you just plain want your money back because you need money & regret buying them, or you want me to send you DVDs, because you didn't read the above or see which category that the item was listed in, or you don't like the brand or brands of tapes that I have used.  Your tapes will be labeled using the regular labels that come with videos when you buy them.  I hand print the titles on the labels.  They are not done in any fancy way.  If you have any other questions, please email me at
Seasons 1-4
Include all 22 episodes of each season.  Episodes are mostly from TNT, however there may be a couple from the WB.  Each set includes 4 tapes.
Season 5
Includes the first 10 episodes that have aired so far.  Episodes are from the WB, aside from one that was taped from TNT.  Each set includes 2 tapes.