Cute   guys

One of the hotties on this page is Christian Slater(first pic on the right). It's from "Interveiw with a vampire".I loved that movie I also own it. If you haven't seen it You SHOULD!Tom Cruise & Antonio Banderas are in it too. Christian's also in : Untaimed heart ( Marrisa Tomei), Bed of Roses, True Romance, Pump up the volume, Heathers ( Wynnona Ryder), Kuffs, Mobsters, Gleaming the cube, Murder in the first ( Kevin Bacon), The next guy is Ewan Mcgregor ( 2nd pic).He's hot too.He's totally awesome in "Trainspotting".His name is Renton in it.He's a herowine drug addict in it. He's also in : Shallow grave, Emma ( Gweneth Powltrow), A life less ordinary ( Cameron Diaz), Nightwatch, The Pillow book, Brassed off The last guy is Skeet Ulrich.(down)He is so HOT.I love the movie "Scream".He's in it with Neve Campbell from "Party of five".The're also both in "The Craft".Robin Tunny is the star of "The Craft". I also Love "Touch".He heels people in it.He has a very small reoccuring part in "Boys". It's still a good movie.Wynona Ryder is in it & she's pretty cool. "Scream 2" should be coming out in December if it doesn't ,don't blame me I heard from somewhere else. Skeet's not gonna be in it. Make sure you see "Scream" soon so you can go see "Scream 2" .From what I heard you'll kinda be lost if you don't see "Scream" first.It may not be true.I own "The Craft".It's about modern witches.It's a must see.I mean I possitively loved it."Touch" like I said is about him heeling people .This girl keepstrying to find out about him.Jeneane Girrafalo is a reporter for some paper or magazine in it . In "Boys" this college or highscool kid finds Wynnona Ryder & lets her stay with him I guess in his dorm it rocks too.I think Skeet Ulrich isvery cool & I think you should see lots & lots of his movies as he keeps making them. I know I said that Skeet Ulrich was the last one,but I couldn't resist Bradd which is next to Skeet .He was also in "Interveiw with a Vampire".As I already told you I love that movie.He was also in "Devils Own" with Harison Ford. He's also in: Legends of the fall, & The Favor In "The Devils Own" he's an Irish convict that comes to America & stays with a cop(Harrison Ford)& his family.Ther's guns,tears,& lots more. It should be on video soon."The Favor" is also a good movie. It's about a woman who see's a guy in her dream from highschool. She try's to find him & her friend gets involved & so does hers friend's fiance(Brad Pitt).You should see this movie. It should be at your local video store.