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April 23, 2005 stated on April 20, 2005 that Brad Kern has stated that "The network loves Charmed creatively and have been especially happy with it this season, but whether we come back or not still all boils down to ratings — which means it's up to the fans. If they all tune in and watch the last couple of episodes, I believe that'll raise our numbers enough to push us over the edge and force the WB to pick us up for an 8th season."
So WATCH CHARMED, get everyone you can to WATCH CHARMED. I cannot stress this enough as there were tons of fans (& I count myself one) of the WB's show Angel whom made numerous pleas for the WB to keep it on the air, yet it was still cancelled last season. Some sites & magazines list Charmed as a show that will definitely return for a new season. However that is apparently incorrect. The show's future is unclear. posted on March 15, 2005 that Paramount may release Charmed The Complete Second Season dvd set in August. announced on April 20, 2005 that Nip/Tuck The Complete Second Season dvd set will be released on August 30, 2005. Check to see the cover & for more specifics on this set.
According to, the third season of Nip/Tuck will start airing in August. This was posted on January 26, 2005. I can't find anymore up to date information on this, so for now I'm assuming that will still be the start date. Plus it coincides with the 2nd Season dvd release date.
CBS's Elvis miniseries starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Elvis & Rose McGowan as Ann-Margret will air on Sunday May 8th from 9-11pm & on Wednesday May 11th from 8-10pm. currently has a site up with info, photos, video, etc.
According to, Rose McGowan will be the Grand Marshall at Los Angeles LGBT Pride Parade on Sunday June 12th in West Hollywood, CA & will also sing at the LA Gay Pride in West Hollywood on Saturday June 11th at 7 PM on the main stage. reported on April 21, 2005 that Shannen Doherty is in final negotiations to play the title role in UPN's comedy pilot Wingwoman, which centers on a single woman (Doherty) who helps her male clients find their soulmates.

May 3, 2005
I updated the photo on the homepage again, as the sizes available keep changing.
April 25, 2005
I have added a temporary section entitled Worn On & Similar. This page includes info on Charmed wardrobe I'm currently selling due to monetary reasons.
I removed My Charmed Closet (for obvious reasons) & Do You Have The Power? as it wasn't very interesting & only included a couple of quizzes.
April 23, 2005
I updated the Season 7 Fashions & Clothes From The Past sections.

February 5, 2005
According to &, the next new episode of Charmed, 7-14 "Carpe Demon" will air on February 13th. Billy Zane (The Phantom, Titanic) will guest star on this episode as shown in the recent tv ads. It appears that this episode is trying to force cheeriness on the audience after the recent dark turn the season had taken. By The Way-Many Charmed fans enjoyed that story arc & don't recquire the coddling. Although, I do like Billy Zane.
On Sunday February 6th, TNT aired episodes from previous seasons of Charmed from 2PM-11PM.
Episode 7-17 of Charmed has been announced as "Scry Hard" according to

January 5, 2005 NEWS:
According to &, the next new episode of Charmed, 7-11 "Ordinary Witches" will now air on Jaunary 16, 2005. Both Kerr Smith & Oded Fehr will appear on this episode.
According to, Nip/Tuck's creator & an executive producer Ryan Murphy has signed on to Nip/Tuck for 2 more seasons.  So that means that Nip/Tuck will be on the air for atleast 4 seasons. It also states that season 3 will start airing in late summer or early fall of 2005.
According to, both Nip/Tuck's 3rd & 4th seasons will be 15 episodes each. The 1st season was 13 episodes & the 2nd season was 16 episodes.  I wasn't surprised that the 1st season was only 13 episodes long, because networks often order 13 or less episodes for the 1st season of a show. I'm surprised that Nip/Tuck doesn't air 22 episodes during it's subsequent seasons, like many other television shows.
New episode titles of Charmed have been announced as 7-15 "Show Ghouls" & 7-16 "The Seven Year Witch" by
Congratulations to Julian McMahon on his Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Series for Nip/Tuck. Nip/Tuck was also nominated for Best Drama Series & Joely Richardson was also nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her role on Nip/Tuck. The Golden Globe awards will air live on Sunday January 16, 2005 on NBC.
According to, Fox may bring North Shore back for a 2nd season even though the ratings haven't been as high as Fox had originally anticipated. This article was posted in early December however & said that Fox wouldn't be airing the season finale,  which they did. The fact that fox did air this episode seems like a positive thing to me.
According to, Rose McGowan is set to star as Ann-Margaret in a CBS miniseries about Elvis. According to filming was supposed to start in New Orleans on January 12th. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has been cast as Elvis. By The Way - He's fantastic. Rent Velvet Goldmine to see what I mean. However, according to, JRM was recently arrested for hitting his girlfriend & also had a small amount of
cannabis on him at the time. So I wonder if this will hold up production of the film.
When I went to see Elektra at the theater, a trailer for The Fantastic Four (starring Julian McMahon, Jessica Alba, etc.) was shown before it. So get to the theater before the previews start if you go to see Elektra.
I just want to let all of my regular site viewers know that I'm sorry for the lack of updates. It is only due to problems with my current computer. I will be getting a new computer within the next week. Hopefully once I've gotten it set up I will be able to add a lot of new pages to the site & do frequent site updates. Thank you.

December 7, 2004    NEWS: Happy Birthday to Holly Marie Combs, who turned
                                            31 on December 3rd!
                                            Happy Birthday to Alyssa Milano, who turns 32 on
                                            December 19th!
                                           According to, a Paramount
                                           Home Entertainment executive told them
                                           that Charmed - The Complete First Season, which
                                           will be released on dvd on February 1, 2005, will not
                                           have any extras. 
                                           According to, the next new
                                           episode of Charmed, 7-11, may air on December
                                           19th & is entitled "Ordinary Witches". I do not know
                                           yet if Oded Fehr will appear on this episode. A new
                                           episode title has been released, episode 7-14,
                                           which will air on January 16, 2005 is entitled Carpe
                                           Demon. Check the News & Updates section of this
                                           site for other upcoming episode titles or
                                           You can continue seeing Shannen Doherty on
                                           "North Shore". She will be on the Dec. 9th episode
                                           "Sucker Punch" & the December 16th episode

November 25, 2004    NEWS:  According to, Charmed -                                            The Complete First Season will be released on dvd
                                            on February 1, 2005.  You can now preorder it from
                                   for $34.99 (free super saver
                                            shipping).  To see the cover, which is a well known
                                            Season 1 promo photo of all 3 sisters, go to
                                    They also mentioned that it is
                                            a 6 dvd set & that there has not been any
                                            information on special features released yet. This
                                            was posted on  on November
                                            23, 2004.  Other sites have the dvds for preorder as
                                            well, but cost slightly more & I believe they all
                                            charge for shipping. $39.99
                                            & $37.38.
                                            This Sunday (Nov. 28th)'s all new episode of
                                            Charmed will be 7-10 "Witchness Protection". 
                                            Episode 7-11 "Ordinary Witches" will air on
                                            December 12, 2004, 7-12 "Extreme Makeover
                                            World Edition" airs on December 19th & 7-13
                                            "Charmageddon" will air on January 9, 2005. 
                                             The next all new North Shore 1-16 "The Cook, The
                                             Waitress, the GM & His Lover" will air on
                                             December 2, 2004, episode 1-17 "Sucker Punch"
                                             will air on December 9th.  Shannen Doherty will
                                             appear on both of these episodes. The last
                                             episode 1-15 "The Big One" was the 5th episode
                                             she was on.
                                              All episode information was obtained from

November 7, 2004    NEWS:  According to, Paramount Home
                                           Entertainment officially announced that Charmed -
                                           The Complete 1st Season is on the February
                                           schedule. An exact release date was not given. 
                                           According to the rumors, Paramount planned to get
                                           future releases out every three months: February,
                                           May, August, November, and so on.  This was
                                           posted on tvshowsondvd on 11/6/04.
                                           According to,  Rose McGowan is
                                           on the cover of the most recent issue of the sci-fi
                                           magazine Xposť (#89). It also has an interview with
                                           her inside, titled Sitting Pretty.  Check out
                                           rosespaige for the article & cover pic.  This was
                                           posted on rosespaige on 10/29/04. 
                               SITE UPDATES:  On November 7th I added info on Paige's
                                                         pants from Valhalley of the Dolls to the
                                                         San Fransisco Stylin' section.

October 18, 2004    UPDATES:  I added a Piper look top from "Once in a Blue
                                               Moon" & Phoebe's jeans worn in the same
                                               episode, as well as a Phoebe look top from
                                               "Cheaper By The Coven" to the Season 7
                                                Fashions page.  Both Phoebe pieces were
                                                contributed by Dominique, a new Style Maven. 
                                                For more info on how you may be able to join
                                                the new Style Mavens group, please email me
                                                at  or keep on eye out for more
                                                info to be added to this site.  A Paige "Bare
                                                Witch Project" look skirt to the previously
                                                mentioned section.  I added a Phoebe Promo
                                                Look top & a Phoebe "Forget Me...Not" top look
                                                to the Season 6 Fashions page.  On the Season
                                                5 Fashions page a Piper "Sympathy For the
                                                Demon" look top was added.  A Piper "Muse To
                                                My Ears" look top was added to the Season 4
                                                Fashions page.  As well as a Season 3 Piper
                                                Promo look top to the Season 3 Fashions
                                                page.  On Oct. 17th I added more Paige "The
                                                Courtship of Wyatt's Father" hoodies.

October 17, 2004     NEWS:  According to, The John Wayne
                                           Cancer Institute (JWCI) at Saint John’s Hospital and
                                           Health Center and the Associates of Breast &
                                           Prostrate Cancer Studies will present Alyssa
                                           Milano with the 2004 Spirit of Hollywood Award at
                                           their upcoming Diamond Jubilee on November 20,
                                           2004. This Black Tie gala will be held in the
                                           International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
                                           According to, on September
                                           25th Holly Marie Combs & her son, Finely Arthur
                                           Donoho, were spotted being interviewed at the West
                                           Hollywood store Kitson by Finola Hughes for "How
                                           Do I Look?".  I do not know when this episode will
                                           air because I do not currently have The Style
                                           Network.  If you do & know when this will or has
                                           aired, please let me know.

                             UPDATES:  On Oct. 15th I added new Phoebe & Piper 
                                               fashions to the Season 7 section.  They are from
                                               the episodes "Cheaper by the Coven" & "The
                                               Bare Witch Project".  I also added a new Phoebe
                                               fashion to the Season 6 Fashions page from
                                               "Forget Me...Not".  On Oct. 14th I added new
                                               Paige Fashions to the Season 6 page.  They are
                                               from the episodes "The Courtship of Wyatt's
                                               Father", "Crimes & Witch Demeanors", "Soul
                                               Survivor" & "The Power of Three Blondes".

October 11, 2004    NEWS:  When Alyssa Milano was on the Tony Danza show
                                          on the 5th, she mentioned that Nick Lachey was
                                          committed to six episodes of Charmed & that they
                                          were trying to get him to do 9 more.  However he
                                          may not be able to do so, because of work
                                          obligations with his wife.  She also mentioned that
                                          Jessica Simpson had not visited the Charmed set.
                                          Charisma Carpenter & Kerr Smith will be appearing
                                          on this week's new episode of Charmed, entitled
                                          "Styx Feet Under".
                                          North Shore will return on Nov. 4th according to

                                          It has been reported by that Famke
                                          Janssen will probably return for the third season of
                                          Nip/Tuck.  "If you go to the fan websites, she's an
                                          overwhelming favorite," Murphy enthuses. "People
                                          are obsessed with how bad she was every week.
                                          Famke loved this show so much, she cleared almost
                                          an entire year of her schedule and turned down
                                          movies to do it! We were quite honored to have her,
                                          and she said, 'If you want me back for one or two
                                          episodes [next season], I would love to do it.' So I'm
                                          sure she'll come back.
                                 reported on the 7th that Tuesday's
                                          2nd season Nip/Tuck finale was FX's most-watched
                                          episode of an original series ever, besting the 2002
                                          series premiere of The Shield, which snagged 4.8
                                          million viewers. Nip/Tuck's blockbuster finish is all
                                          the more impressive considering it had to compete
                                          with the highest-rated vice-presidential debate since
                                          It was also reported today on that
                                  Nick Lachey has inked a development deal
                                  with Fox to headline a half-hour or one-hour
                                  series project, according to The Hollywood
                                 is currently having a sweepstakes to
                                          win a trip to the set of Nip/Tuck.
                                UPDATES:  I  created the Alyssa Milano/Phoebe Halliwell
                                                  section & added magazine scans from In Style
                                                  magazine to it & I also updated the Season 6
                                                  Fashions page on Oct. 7th.   On Oct. 11th I
                                                  added Piper & Paige fashions to the Season 7
                                                  Fashions page & Paige Fashions to the
                                                  Season 6 Fashions page.

October 7, 2004    NEWS:  On Tuesday October 5th Alyssa appeared on
                                        The Tony Danza Show on the WB.
                                        Alyssa Milano is on the cover of the October issue of
                                        FHM (there's also an interview & photos inside).
                                        Alyssa Milano is in the October issue of Vogue
                                       (Reese Witherspoon cover) showing the inside of her
                                        The 2nd Season Finale of Nip/Tuck aired at 10PM on
                                        October 5th.  It features Alec Baldwin (Yippee!) &
                                        Joan Rivers. 
                                        The title of 8th episode of Season 7 has been
                                        announced as "Charmed Noir", the 8th as "There's
                                        Something About Leo" & the 10th as "Witchness
                                        Protection" by
                                        On Sept. 14th's Kristin mentioned that
                                        she had talked to Nip/Tuck 's Kelly Carlson (Kimber)
                                        who said that her character would be in the 3rd
                                        season, indicating that their will be a 3rd season of
                                        On Sept. 10th  mentioned in an article
                                        about Charmed that while "Nip/Tuck" was still in
                                        production Julian McMahon dropped by to see his
                                        former co-workers on "Charmed.  Brad Kern said.
                                        "Were trying to get Rose ['Charmed' star Rose
                                        McGowan] on a 'Nip/Tuck' episode.  This is probably
                                        just speculation, but I would love to see Rose come
                                        on Nip/Tuck as a love interest for Julian.
                                        Reported by on Sept. 3rd Nip/Tuck was
                                        banned from being shown in medium-security Eastern
                                        Oregon Correctional Institution, because of the
                                        graphic surgery scenes & sexual situations.
                                has posted a small interview with Kerr
                                        Smith in their Charmed section.  The most interesting
                                        tidbit was that Kerr Smith had originally audtioned to
                                        play Andy on Charmed. 

October 4, 2004    NEWS:  On Oct. 4 Alyssa Milano appeared on the View.  The
                                        most interesting part of the short interview was her
                                        talking about her work with Unicef.
                                        Alyssa Milano's net nudity was mentioned on 2
                                        programs (for joke value) last week (The Late Late
                                        Show with guest host Michael Ian Black on Monday)
                                        & Veronica Mars on Tuesday).
                                        Kerr Smith appeared in his first episode of Charmed
                                       Oct. 3rd, entitled "Charrrmed!"
                                        Shannen Doherty's 2nd appearance on North Shore
                                        occurred last Monday.  I am looking forward to all of
                                        her upcoming appearances after seeing her first 2
                          UPDATES:  The October issues of In Style & FHM both
                                             featured Alyssa Milano & I added clothing info
                                             from them to the San Fransisco Stylin' section.

September 25, 2004    NEWS:  There are only 2 more new episodes of Nip/Tuck
                                              set to air this season.  Don't forget to tune in
                                              Tuesdays at 10PM.
                                              Happily Belated Birthday to Rose McGowan
                                              (whose birthday was on Sept. 5th).
                                              On Sept. 12th  (which is when the creative arts
                                              categories' winners were announced) Nip/Tuck
                                              won an Emmy for Makeup for a Series,
                                              Miniseries, Movie or a Special (Prosthetic) for the
                                              Pilot episode. 
                                              Catch Charisma Carpenter on Sunday's (Sept.
                                              26th) new episode of Charmed, entitled "Cheaper
                                              by the Coven". 
                                              The title of 7th episode of Season 7 has been
                                              announced as "Someone To Witch Over Me" by
                                              According to the, Julian McMahon will
                                              be starring as Doctor Doom in the new "Fantastic
                                              Four" film that is set for release on July 1, 2005. 
                                              This movie also stars Jessica Alba as The
                                              Invisible Girl.  I don't know much about the
                                              Fantastic Four, but according to the IMDB the
                                              brief plotline is "A group of astronauts gain
                                              superpowers after a cosmic radiation exposure
                                              and must use them to oppose the plans of their
                                              enemy, Doctor Victor Von Doom."
                                              Shannen Doherty's first appearance on North
                                              Shore occurred this past Monday.
                                  UPDATES:  The San Fransisco Stylin' Section & The
                                                     Season 6 Fashions section were updated.

September 16, 2004    UPDATES:  The Season 7 Fashions section was updated.

September 3, 2004        NEWS:  CNN announced today that Kerr Smith
                                                 (Dawson's Creek's Jack) will be joining the cast
                                                 of Charmed for multiple episodes this season
                                                 as a federal agent.
                                                 There is an article about Rose McGowan in the
                                                 September issue of Blender magazine (Usher
                                                 cover) including a photo.
                                                 Nip/Tuck has received 5 emmy nominations -
                                                 Directing For A Drama Series for the Pilot
                                                 episode, Best Outstanding Main Title Theme for
                                                 the song for "A Perfect Lie" by Jeffrey Cain,
                                                 Cedric LeMoyne and Gregory Slay (formerly
                                                 Remy Zero), Main Title Design, Make-Up for a
                                                 series (Non-Prosthetic) for the episode Adelle
                                                 Coffin &  Makeup for a Series, Miniseries,
                                                 Movie or a Special (Prosthetic) for the Pilot
                                                 episode.  The Emmys will air on September 19.

September 1, 2004        UPDATES:  I am so excited to have updated the front
                                                     page with a new Season 7 A Call To Arms 
                                                     pic & to have found the Dolce & Gabbana
                                                     outfit Phoebe is wearing.  I have also created
                                                     the Episode Overview guide.  It's gonna be
                                                     fantastic, I only have one episode in it so far,
                                                     2-1 "Witch Trial", but it's not just an episode
                                                     guide it's full of fun info, such as quotes,
                                                     spells, demons, where to buy info, photos &
                                                     of course fashion.  I have created the Season
                                                     7 Fashions page & posted some pics up on
                                                     it, more to come soon.  In addition, I have
                                                     made updates to the Season 4, 5 & 6
                                                     Fashion pages.  Look for lots of new stuff to
                                                     come to the site aside from the
                                                     aforementioned, such as updates to all of the
                                                     actor sections, with new magazine scans,
                                                     screencaps & reviews, new polls, etc.  Let
                                                     me know how you think I'm doing by signing
                                                     the guestbook.

August 29, 2004
                        NEWS:  According to many sites, including 
                                     Shannen Doherty will no longer be hosting Scare
                                     Tactics, because of her many other obligations. 
                                     Stephen Baldwin will be replacing her for the third
                                     A new Charmed book, entitled Charmed Book of Love
                                     Spells (miniature edition, hardcover) will be released on
                                     September 7th.  You can purchase this book at
                           , which is where you can also purchase
                                     the other 20+ Charmed fiction novels that have been &
                                     will be released, as well as the Charmed soundtrack &
                                     action figures.
                       UPDATES:  I have added to the Season 5 & 6 Fashions pages.

August 24, 2004
                           NEWS:  In the new September 2004 edition of Details
                                        magazine a list of secret Republicans (people who
                                        don't make their political views known) were listed &
                                        Shannen Doherty was included as one of them.  This
                                        is a rumor however, as Mandy Moore (who was also
                                        included on the list)'s publicist denied that she really
                                        was a republican to  This was reported
                                        by the 
                                        On August 19th the, reported the
                                        following, Nick Lachey says that when he kissed
                                        Alyssa Milano for an upcoming episode of
                                        Charmed  "The first day I came I said I'm just gonna
                                        put this out here and tell you your poster was hanging
                                        in my locker (at school) because you're gonna hear
                                        about it and I don't wanna be embarrassed later      
                                        on."  Lachey admits his reality TV star wife was a
                                        little concerned at first when she heard her husband
                                        would be kissing another woman. He adds, "We try
                                        not to say 'making out scene.' It's just a little
                                        The local TV paper that came with my Sunday
                                        newspaper (on Sunday, August 15th) reported that if
                                        Nick Lachey's Newlyweds went on to film a 3rd
                                        season, it should be interesting because of his
                                        appearing on Charmed.  Apparently this paper hadn't
                                        heard that there reportedly will not be a third season
                                        of Newlyweds.
                                        The title of the sixth episode of Season 7 of Charmed
                                        has been released & it is "Once in a Blue Moon".

August 16, 2004            NEWS:  The 7th season premiere of Charmed will air on
                                                 September 12th.  This is a lot earlier than
                                                 usual, as it usually premieres near the end of
                                                 September or beginning of October.  Promos
                                                 have begun airing on the WB.  A couple of
                                                 months ago E! reported that Nick Lachey would
                                                 join the cast for a number of episodes this
                                                 year.  At the time I wondered which sister
                                                 would have him as their love interest.  The wait
                                                 is over, according to the new commercial, it will
                                                 be Phoebe.  According to, the
                                                 first 5 episode titles of the new season are as
                                                 follows:  7-1 A Call To Arms, 7-2 The Bare
                                                 Witch Project, 7-3 Cheaper By The Coven, 7-4
                                                 Charrrmed & 7-5 Styx Feet Under.  I do not like
                                                 to read spoilers & hence do not post them on
                                                 my site. 
                                                 Shannen Doherty will be joining the cast of
                                                 FOX's show North Shore for a number of
                                                 episodes starting September 20th at 8PM.  I
                                                 wonder how this affects her hosting of Scare
                                                 Tactics & the new network show she was
                                                 supposed to premiere this fall. 
                                                 Julian McMahon's show Nip/Tuck is still going
                                                 strong during it's 2nd Season on FX, Tuesdays
                                                 at 10PM.
                                    UPDATES:  I have made updates to the San Fransisco
                                                      Stylin' section, Season 4 Fashions &
                                                      Clothes from the Past.  Keep an eye out for
                                                      more frequent updates to this site.

April 23, 2004    NEWS:  This week's new episode "Crimes & Witch
                                         Demeanors" will feature Dorian Gregory as Darryl
                                         Morris whose presence I have been missing from
                                         the show.  This episode is also being called
                                         "Charmed on Trial" in the WB advertisements. 
                                         This is one of the few Season 6 episodes that is
                                         rated TV-14, instead of TV-PG. 
                           UPDATES:  I have added to the San Fransisco Stylin'

April 8, 2004  NEWS:  New episodes of Charmed will begin airing on April
                                    18th.  That episode (6-18)  will be entitled "Spin
                                    City".   The rest of the season episode titles are as
                                    follows:  6-19 "Crimes and Witch Demeanors",  6-20
                                    "A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right", 6-21 "Witch
                                    Wars" & 6-22 & 6-23 "Bad Bad World" (parts 1 & 
                                     2).  Episode titles were reported on 
                                     The airing of Spin City has also been listed on tv-
                             In case you missed it, Alyssa Milano
                                     Revealed will re-air on April 16th at 10AM on E! 
                                     The 2002 movie "Kiss the Bride" (cast includes
                                     Alyssa Milano & Sean Patrick Flannery), which
                                     premiered on tv a couple of months ago, will re-air
                                     on April 25th at 11:30PM & April 26th at 11:05AM
                                     on the Lifetime Movie Network.  The 2003 movie
                                     "View of Terror" starring Shannen Doherty, which
                                      originally premiered on Lifetime in March, will be
                                      rebroadcast on April 25th at 5PM on Lifetime.  The
                                      ABC Family Channel tv movie "See Jane
                                      Date" (starring Charisma Carpenter & featuring Holly
                                      Marie Combs) will be rerun on April 10th at
                                      10:30PM on the ABC Family Channel.  As a
                                      reminder, Shannen Doherty's tv show "Scare
                                      Tactics" is currently in it's second season.  New
                                      episodes air Thursday's at 10PM on SciFi.  Shannen
                                      has recently appeared on some tv talk shows
                                      promoting "Scare Tactics" & has mentioned that she
                                      thinks that Rose McGowan is doing a good job on
                                      Charmed.  Holly Marie Combs is expected to give
                                      birth to her child sometime in April.  The father is
                                      David Donoho, a crew member on Charmed, whom
                                      she married in February.  Holly Marie Combs is
                                      mentioned on E's new special "Hollywood Baby
                                      Boom".  Some of the Season 6 fashions are
                                      mentioned in the piece.  Many were surprised when
                                      Rose McGowan went back to the dark hair color,
                                      but a few months ago when Rose appeared on Regis
                                      & Kelly, Regis had ABC set up an online poll asking
                                      which haircolor the audience preferred, the light or
                                      dark & the winner was dark.  I wonder if this
                                      affected her decision.  Nip/Tuck (starring Julien
                                      McMahon) is currently being rerun on FX.  The
                                      second season premieres on June 22nd.  Brooke
                                      Burns, who had previously been married to  Julian is
                                      now dating Bruce Willis.
                      UPDATES:  I added to the the San Fransisco Stylin' section.

March 13, 2004  UPDATES:  I added to the San Fransisco Stylin' section, 
                                               which was recently created.  I also made
                                               additions & updates to the Season 5 & 6
                                               Fashions sections.

January 25, 2003    UPDATES:  I updated the Season 4 Fashions section.

January 11, 2004  NEWS:  Today's all new episode of Charmed is entitled
                                           "Witchstock" & involves time travel.  The next 2
                                            weeks there will also be new eps, "Prince
                                            Charmed" on the 18th & "Used Karma" on the
                                            25th.  There is some ep info for "Prince
                                            Charmed" on  I don't do spoilers. 
                                            Since I last updated I have read that there will be
                                            new episodes of Shannen Doherty's "Scare
                                            Tactics" in the future.  David Spade's "Dickie
                                            Roberts: Former Child Star", which Alyssa
                                            Milano appears in will arrive in video stores on
                                            February 17, 2004.  According to some sites the
                                            Charmed action figures are arriving in February,
                                            but according to others they are arriving in
                                            March.  Dorian Gregory is now hosting "Soul
                                            Train".  Where I live it's on very early in the
                                            morning on Sundays.  Check your local listings
                                            for times in your area.  Finola Hughes will be
                                            hosting the new Style Network tv show "How
                                            Do I Look?".  It will begin airing next Friday
                                            (16th).  Alyssa Milano has been mentioned on
                                            VH1's Hottest Hotties.  I can't remember which
                                             place she received, but watch VH1 or check
                                             their website for more info.  She was also
                                             mentioned on their Teen Idols special hosted by
                                             Hilary Duff about a month ago.  Shannen
                                             Doherty has hosted VH1's "Bubblegum
                                             Babylon" special in the past & all of the girls
                                             from Charmed, excluding Holly, were mentioned
                                             on the VH1 Bad Girls special not too long ago. 
                                             So there are many small Charmed actress
                                             snippets on VH1 every once in a while.
                         UPDATES:  I have updated the Season 2, 5 & 6 Fashion

December 4, 2003     UPDATES:  I updated the Season 5 Fashions section,
                                                      by updating links, updating size & price
                                                      info & removing items that are no longer

November 14, 2003    NEWS:  Today "Good Day Live" will be visiting the
                                                 set of Charmed.  I live on the east coast &
                                                 where I live it airs at 12PM & is on Fox. 
                                                 Please check your local listing to find out the
                                                 time & channel near you.  On Sunday,
                                                 November 16th E! will be airing "Alyssa
                                                 Milano: Love Chain" at 10:30 PM.  It has
                                                 also been officially announced that the
                                                 Charmed action figures will be released in
                                                 February 2004.  I have put up the prototype
                                                 picture of the figures on this page.  The set of
                                                 four will include Piper, Paige, Phoebe &
                                                 Belthazor.  Am I the only one who would
                                                 have preferred a Cole Turner figure? 
                                                 Shannen Doherty has been popping up on
                                                 talk shows a lot lately to promote her Playboy
                                                 cover.  She mentioned on Last Call that she
                                                 will be starring in a new tv show next year &
                                                 it seems that Scare Tactics will not be
                                                 producing any new eps, but you can still catch
                                                 the reruns.  Shannen implied that she received
                                                 over a million dollars to pose for Playboy &
                                                 she stated that she also gets a back end of the
                                                 sales.  If you missed her appearance last
                                                 week on Conan you can catch it again at 3:34
                                                 AM Saturday morning.  This Sunday's
                                                 episode of Charmed will be "Little
                                                 Monsters".  On Sunday, November 23rd
                                                 there will be another new episode, entitled
                                                 "Chris Crossed", obviously Chris-centric. 
                                                  I found an article on an official network
                                                  Charmed site stating that Holly is indeed
                                                  pregnant.  It was also mentioned that it
                                                  would be written into the storyline & that
                                                  there may not be a father.

November 6, 2003    NEWS:  Next Sunday's episode of Charmed will be '
                                               "Sword and the City".  It is also being
                                               advertised as "Charmed in Camelot".  From
                                               the commercial, it appears to be a take off on
                                               the Sword & the Stone legend, with Piper as
                                               the only one who can remove it.  The next
                                               Sunday (Nov. 16) another new episode,
                                               entitled "Little Monsters" will air, check out
                                      for more info.  The Sunday after
                                               that (Nov. 23) there will not be a Charmed
                                               episode aired.  I read in a tabloid, at the
                                               checkout stand over the weekend, that
                                               Shannen Doherty will be appearing on the
                                               cover of the December issue of "Playboy"
                                               magazine.  I've checked the
                                               website & this is true.  You can purchase this
                                               issue through their site.  I plan on purchasing
                                               this issue & posting pics in the near future.  For
                                               the time being, I have added a pic of the cover
                                               from the playboy site to the top of this page. 
                                              As you probably know, the Nip/Tuck season
                                              finale aired a few weeks ago.  It left a few
                                              questions unanswered & hopefully they will be
                                              when it returns for it's second season next
                                              summer.  According to a few sites, Shannen
                                              Doherty pay get her own sitcom next year,
                                              which seems to make the future of "Scare
                                              Tactics" unsure.  I've also read that "Holly
                                              Marie Combs" mentions being pregnant in the
                                              current issue of TV Guide.  I don't know for
                                              sure, but a new issue goes on sale Friday, so I
                                              recommend checking it out for yourself as I'm
                                              going to do.
                               UPDATES:  I added to the Season 4 Fashions section.

October 17, 2003     UPDATES:  I added to the Season 1, 4, 5 & 6
                                                     Fashions sections.

October 15, 2003     NEWS:  I have the opportunity to meet Evan Marriott
                                              (Joe Millionaire) who appeared on the Season
                                              6 premiere of Charmed.  He also had a cameo
                                              in Holly Marie Combs' tv movie, "See Jane
                                              Date".  I'll probably only get to see him for
                                              about a second, but I'd like your input as to
                                              what I should say to him, please sign the new
                                              guestbook on the homepage.  This week's new
                                              episode of Charmed is entitled "Love's A
                                              Witch" & seems to focus on Paige's character. 
                                              For more info check out  As you
                                              may have noticed, I don't like to know too
                                              much about an episode before it airs.  The next
                                              week will also be a new ep, entitled "My Three
                               UPDATES:  I added the new guestbook to the
                                                   homepage.  Keep an eye out for lots of new
                                                   stuff within the next few days, including
                                                   Return to the Blue Lagoon screencaps being
                                                   added to the Brian Krause section.

October 5, 2003  UPDATES:  I added to the Season 5 Fashions section.

September 29, 2003    NEWS:  The wb has put out a Charmed soundtrack,
                                                  which hits stores today.  Most of the songs
                                                  are very new.  The cd does include the
                                                  theme song & Season 5's Flaming Lips'
                                                  song.  Check out for new email
                                                  greeting cards & a print out "Valhalley of the
                                                  Dolls" poster.
                                   UPDATES:  I have replaced the photo on the front
                                                       page with a new Season 6 promo photo.

September 13, 2003  UPDATES:  New photos have recently become
                                                     available of the new season.  So, I have
                                                     created the Season 6 Fashions section.

September 12, 2003      UPDATES:  I added to the Season 5 Fashions page
                                                         & posted some screencaps of last
                                                         Tuesday's Nip/Tuck episode to the
                                                         Nip/Tuck section of the Julian
                                                         McMahon/Cole Turner section.

August 22, 2003  NEWS:  This Sunday's episodes of Charmed will be
                                          reairings of Cat House & Nymphs Just Wanna
                                          Have Fun.  Tuesday's TNT ep will be a rerun of A
                                          Witch In Time.  This week there will not be a new
                                           ep of Nip/Tuck.  Instead the network is
                                           reshowing the first 5 episodes that have aired so
                                           far.  They will air all of next week Monday-Friday
                                           at 10PM (ET).  Alyssa Milano has a part in the
                                           new David Spade movie, "Dickie Roberts:
                                           Former Child Star".  It is rated PG-13 & comes
                                           out on September 5th.
                          UPDATES:  I've added pics & a link to the Season 5
                                              Fashions page to an auction for Piper's blue top
                                              from a Witch In Time.  The auction ends on
                                              Sunday evening.  Keep an eye out for some
                                              updates within the next few days.  I will be
                                              adding an Alyssa Milano/Phoebe Halliwell
                                              section & some screencaps from See Jane
                                              Date, as well as some additions to the Fashion
                                              Critique & My Charmed Closet sections.

August 15, 2003  NEWS:  I was incorrect the other day when I stated that
                                         See Jane Run would premiere on Sunday.  It will
                                         actually premiere on Saturday at 8PM.
                            UPDATES:  I added links to monthly tv listings on Holly,
                                                Brian, Julian & Rose's pages.  I also added
                                                Season 3 & 4 Promo Photos to Holly's
                                                section.  In addition I added a bio & some
                                                links to the See Jane Run section in the Holly

August 12, 2003  NEWS:  The new Charmed news is also fashion news.  I
                                          found out from AboutCharmed. com that a
                                          segment on the 6th Season of Charmed aired last
                                          Thursday (7th) on E!.  They have also posted
                                          pics, in which you can see both of Rose & 
                                          Alyssa's new dos.  Rose is now sporting blond
                                          hair.  I just hope that they don't come feel the need
                                          to explain her hair color this time.  I think that
                                          Rose looks great, but I feel that she can generally
                                          pull of any color.  Alyssa has a new very short
                                          haircut.  I mean, very short.  Not like it was kind
                                          of short in season 1.  I don't particularly like it.  I
                                          didn't get to watch this personally, but I did see
                                          Alyssa's Intimate Portrait that aired yesterday, in
                                          which her hair was this short .
                                           I caught a segment on Good Day Live today
                                           about Nip/Tuck.  I didn't know in advance &
                                           couldn't let everyone know.  Sorry.  I will try to
                                           add some info about that to his section soon. 
                                           Don't forget to catch him on the Orlando Jones
                                           show tonight.
                                           Next Sunday's Charmed reairings will be the
                                           following:  Baby's First Demon & Lucky
                                           Next Sunday will also be the premiere of the
                                           ABC Family Channel's latest tv movie "See Jane
                                           Date", co-starring Holly with Charisma
                            UPDATES:  I created the Holly Marie Combs/Piper
                                                Halliwell, Dorian Gregory/Darryl Morris
                                                & Brian Krause/Leo Wyatt sections.   Check
                                                Holly's section for a couple of pics from See
                                                Jane Date.  I also updated the following
                                                sections:  Season 4 & 5 Fashions, Rose
                                                McGowan, Julian McMahon & Links.

August 10, 2003    NEWS:  Julian McMahon will be appearing on The
                                           Orlando Jones Show at 11PM (ET) on Tuesday
                                           on FX, right after the new episode of Nip/Tuck. 
                                           Intimate Portrait: Alyssa Milano premieres on
                                           Lifetime at 7PM on Monday.  They are currently
                                           running a snippet with Alyssa & Holly on the red
                                           carpet at the Teen Choice Awards on the TV
                                           Guide channel.  Tonight's episodes (Yes, 2!) of
                                           Charmed will be a reairing of "Sand Fransisco
                                           Dreamin'" & "The Day The Magic Died".  They
                                           are also having a Nip/Tuck vacation giveaway on
                                           the FX website right now.
                            UPDATES:  I added some Nip/Tuck stuff to the Julian
                                                McMahon section, including the TV Guide
                                                article where you can read on to find out if he
                                                would ever have plastic surgery.  I also
                                                created the Rose McGowan section & added
                                                Season 4 & 5 Promo Pics, as well as
                                                Magazine Scans to her section. Then I
                                                removed some items & updated some items in
                                                the Season 5, 4 & 1 Fashion pages.

August 2, 2003  NEWS:  The first 5 titles of the first 5 episodes of season 6
                                        have been released.  The title of the first episode is
                                        Valhalley of the Dolls.  This will be a 2 hour
                                        episode.  I read somewhere the other day that
                                        Season 6 started filming in the middle of July.  I do
                                        not know if this is true or not.  I always check the
                                        site for episode info on my favorite
                                        shows.  If you want to read temporary episode
                                        synopsis' for the first 5 eps, you can also find those
                                        there.  I, personally do not like spoilers, so I haven't
                                        read them & won't be posting them on this site. 
                                        The first episode of Season 6 is supposed to air on
                                        September 28th.
                         UPDATES:  I've added some really great clothes to the
                                             Season 5 section. 

July 16, 2003    UPDATES:  I added a few things, subtracted a few things &
                                             fixed links in the Season 3, 4 & 5 Fashion
                                             pages.  I also added to the My Charmed Closet

July 3, 2003  NEWS:  I received a pass to go see Nip/Tuck next Wednesday
                                  on the big screen.  Hopefully I will be able to attend &  
                                  report back.  The episode of Charmed that will be
                                  airing on Sunday is Season 5's Sympathy For The
                                  Demon.  During last Sunday's episode that played
                                  promo clips with each of the girls, as well as the Alyssa
                                  Milano Backlot commercial.  So keep an eye out during
                                  the Sunday reruns to catch these.
                    UPDATES:  I added a couple of items to the Season 4 Fashion
                                        page.  Keep an eye out for more pics of actual
                                        Charmed wardrobe items that I will be adding to
                                        the My Charmed Closet section in the very near

June 25, 2003  UPDATES:  I added a link to a site that I'm hoping will allow
                                            me to become a nominee to the home page.  I
                                            added to the following sections today: 
                                            My Charmed Closet
                                            Related Links
                                            Fashion  Critique - 5-1 & 5-2, 5-4 & 5-5

June 22, 2003  NEWS:  Julian McMahon's new series "NIP/TUCK"
                                      premieres on FX JULY 22nd at 10pm.  There is also
                                      a cool promo running that I have seen a couple of
                                      times for a bunch of FX series, including
                                      "NIP/TUCK".  Julian looks mighty fine in it, if I may
                                      say so myself.  You can catch Shannen Doherty's
                                      new series "Scare Tactics" at 10PM & 10:30 PM
                                      the SciFi Channel on Fridays.  It appears to be doing
                                      well.  You can
                                      catch many reruns of it throughout the week.  I will
                                      try to put up some banner links to the 2 officials sites
                                      for these shows, as well as a banner for the
                              Tonights episode of Charmed will be a
                                      airing of the Season 5 episode "Y Tu Mummy
                                      Tambien", a known as "The Mummy's Tomb".

May 31, 2003  UPDATES:  I updated the Seasons 1-5 Fashion pages.  This
                                            was basically fixing links that had been changed
                                            & moving old items to the Clothes From The
                                            Past section.  I think I added one new thing to
                                            the Season 5 Fashion page & that's about it.    I
                                            also updated the My Charmed Closet section.

May 30, 2003  NEWS:  Sunday's Charmed will be a reairing of the Season 5
                                      episode House Call, also known as Obsessions. 
                        UPDATES:  I added to the My Charmed Closet Section in
                                            honor of my birthday, which is today.  I have
                                            also been purchasing a few new Charmed
                                            wardrobe items & should be able to post pics
                                            within the next week or so.  The items are from
                                            Season 5 & are very cool.

May 24, 2003  NEWS:  This week's episode will be a reairing of  The Eyes
                                      Have It.  Remember that you can also catch reruns
                                      of previous seasons at 9AM & 6PM (Eastern Time)
                                      on TNT & reruns of Season 5 episodes at 10PM
                                      Tuesday nights, also on TNT.  Don't forget to watch
                                      Dorian Gregory on The Other Half every week night 
                                      (on ABC where I live, but check for your local
                                      station).  Spread the word & tell your friends to
                                      watch, as I believe it's in danger of being cancelled. 
                                      Julian McMahon (Cole in Seasons 3-5) has a new
                                      show premiering on FX  this summer called
                                      Nip/Tuck.  It's about plastic surgeons & looks pretty
                                      good from the promos.  I want to let those that don't
                                      know, find out that Greg Vaughan (Dan in Season 2)
                                      is currently appearing as the third Lucky Spencer on
                                      General Hospital.  Strangely enough, T.W. King
                                      (Andy in Season 1) also appeared on GH this
                                      Season as Alcazar.  Also check out the cool new
                                      Goddesses desktop at
                      UPDATES:  I created the My Charmed Closet section,
                                          updated the Season 5 Fashions page & made
                                          changes to the Season 5 Fashion Critique section. 
                                          I really wish that I could make a lot more updates
                                          & changes at once, but it takes a really long time
                                          just to add a few things.

May 11, 2003  NEWS:  Can you believe what happened on the season 
                                      finale?  I was shocked.
                        UPDATES:  I added to the Season 5 Fashion page.  

March 30, 2003  NEWS:  Next week will be another new episode entitled 
                                         "Lucky Charmed".  A press release on the WB's 
                                         site (from March 25th) has announced that
                                         Charmed has been picked up for a 6th season.  
                                         Time To Celebrate!  It also mentions that 
                                         " CHARMED has set ratings records on all three
                                         nights it has aired, a feat attained by few programs
                                         in broadcast television history."  My opinion is that
                                         it wouldn't have to set such records if they let it 
                                         stay in one time spot for any amount of time.  I
                                         also want to mention that on, which
                                         lists episode guides for different tv shows, there 
                                         are 23 episodes listed for this season, instead of
                                         22.  However the 22nd-23rd episodes do appear 
                                         to be a 2 part episode.
                          UPDATES:  I updated Seasons 3, 4, 5 Fashion pages.  I
                                              also updated the Clothes Fron The
                                              Past section.  Check the Season 5 page to
                                              see some clothing look a likes from tonight's
                                              "Baby's First Demon" & next week's
                                              "Lucky Charmed".    

February 23, 2003
NEWS:  Next Sunday will be a rerun of the Fifth Season's First episode "A
              Witch's Tail".  If you are having Dorian withdrawal don't forget to
              check him out on "The Other Half" daily.  You can also catch reruns
              of Seasons 1-4 on TNT twice daily.  (9AM & 6PM Eastern Time)
UPDATES:  I have added to the Seasons 3, 4, & 5 Fashion section.  I also
                    rearranged & added to the Season 5 Fashion Critique.  I will be
                    adding all of the rest of the Season 5 episodes to this section
                    during the next week or so.

February 3, 2003  NEWS:  Next week is another all new episode entitled
                                          "Sand Francisco Dreamin'".  It looks to be another
                                           fun episode like "House Call" was.   
                            UPDATES:  Today I added to the Season 1, 3, 4, & 5
                                                Fashion pages.  I was waiting until I got my
                                                photos back to create my Charmed Closet
                                                page, but Walmart lost my film, so I guess I'll
                                                have to use my webcam.  I plan on creating
                                                this section within the next few days.  I have
                                                also been taking some screen captures &
                                                scanning some clippings.  So I will be
                                                updating the Fashion Critique section.  Also
                                                keep an eye out for some more character &
                                                actress specific pages.  I am also planning on
                                                giving out the first Charmed Fashion Site
                                                award.  I have a site in mind, but I won't spoil
                                                the surprise.  I will be posting a sample of the
                                                award & creating some more links to this site
                                                on the Links page.  If you would like to be
                                                considered for an award let me know & keep
                                                checking out the Links page for more info. 

January 18, 2003  NEWS:  Happy Centennial!  That's right, this week
                                          Charmed airs it's 100th episode entitled
                                          "Centennial Charmed".  It's looks very good. 
                                          Check out to see Alyssa Milano in a
                                          video clip talking about the show.  I've read that
                                          this is probably Julian McMahon's last episode.
                      UPDATES:  I have been updating a lot.  I have added the 
                                          Clothes From The Past, which showcases items
                                          that are no longer available.  I have also updated 
                                          the Charmed's Most Wanted section, as well as
                                          the Season 4 & Season 5 Fashion pages.  I've 
                                          also added a Centennial greeting to the 
                                          homepage.  I wanted to add My Charmed Closet
                                          section, but my photos aren't back yet.  I have 
                                          done a ton of scanning of magazine clippings &
                                          I will be posting those within the next few days. 
                                          P.S.  Check out the Season 5 Fashions page to 
                                                   see a Piper "Centennial Charmed" look. 

January 2, 2003  NEWS:  In the great tradition of The WB changing show
                                        titles before they air, this week's new episode
                                       (Premiering January 5, 2002) is now to be called
                                       "The Mummy's Tomb" instead of it's original title
                                       "Y Tu Mummy Tambien".  It does look interesting
                                       & to be a bit of a take off of the film "The Mummy
                  UPDATES:  I added the page Search My Site, which lets you,
                                             ah yes, search my site.  I also added a Charmed
                                             Hangman game to the Do You Have The
                                             Power? section & updated the links page.

December 27, 2002  Update:  Today I added the Do You Have The Power?
                                               section to this site.  This is a section that will
                                               have various quizzes on the show.  So far I
                                               have up one quiz that deals with the characters

December 23, 2002  NEWS:  TV Guide has out a collector's set of 3 different
                                               covers this week, each featuring a different 
                                               Charmed one (Rose, Holly, & Alyssa).  I was 
                                               lucky enough to spot all 3 at one location.  
                                               Check out department stores & supermarkets 
                                               to find TV Guide in your area.  I will have up 
                                               pics from the interview soon (probably in a 
                          UPDATES:   I finally got my webcam resetup & will soon
                                               have some more pics up in the Season 5 
                                               Fashion Review section.  I'll probably be doing
                                               a lot of these updates on Friday (27th).

December 15, 2002  Today I updated the Season 4 Fashions page.  I added
                                 some more item numbers, etc.

December 12, 2002  Today I updated the Season 4, & Season 5
                                 Fashion pages, as well as the Most Wanted page. I also
                                 created the Season 1 Fashion page. 

December 9, 2002  If you have been wondering why I haven't been updating
                               for a long time, let me explain.  About the middle of last
                               month I had a huge electrical problem.  I was completely
                               without electricity for 2 1/2 days.  Part of the electrical
                               problem included a power surge.  This ruined my
                               computer, in addition to many of my other electronics. 
                               After a few more days I dug out my pretty old computer
                               & have been using that ever since.  The computer I was
                               using is very slow & in addition to tripod being very slow,
                               I just decided to not even try to update the site.  This was
                               aside from the day that I added the awards.  I felt it was
                               important to add them.  To give you an idea of how slow
                               that computer was, just let me say that it took me about
                               an hour just to add those.  So please stay tuned, I just got
                               this brand new, fast computer today & I will be updating
                               a lot in the next few days.

November 26, 2002  I added 2 awards that this site has won to my
                                 homepage.  I'm so excited about winning them.  Please
                                 click on them to visit the owner's site.  I will keep them
                                 up on the homepage for a while & then transfer them to
                                 the links page.

November 6, 2002  I created The Fashion Critique section of the site.  I only
                               have up season 5 reviews right now, but I will be adding a
                               lot more.  I bought a webcam on Sunday (Nov. 3) & 
                               have used it to bring you some pics.  They aren't amazing,
                               hopefully I'll get better with practice.
        Coming Soon:  My Charmed Closet - This section of the site will show
                               clothing items that I own that look like styles worn
                               by the Charmed Ones.  It will also feature actual
                               Charmed Wardrobe that I own. 

October 24, 2002  I created the Witchy Looks page. 
                             Coming Soon: A Guestbook & A Jewelry Page

October 19, 2002  I added the Season 2 & 3 Fashions pages. 

October 15, 2002  I added to the links page.  Guess what?  While watching The Other Half last night I heard Dorian Gregory say that on next week's Charmed, "The Eyes Have It", a song sung by him will be featured over the opening credits.  He was very excited about it.  On Sunday night I heard Shannen Doherty on a gossip show commenting about the animosity between her & Alyssa.

October 14, 2002  Season 4 & 5 fashion pages have been added to.  I have also added the Charmed's Most Wanted page (which includes a poll).
October 10, 2002  The excellent Trio UK site added my banner to their links page as one of their top 5 sites.  Thank you very much Trio staff.  I added to the Season 4 page & created the Season 5 page.
October 9, 2002   I put up links to other awesome Charmed sites on the Related Links page.
October 8, 2002   I started this site.