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Original Airdate:  September 30, 1999           
TV-PG (Language, Sex, Violence)

"On their first anniversary of becoming witches, the sisters face a cloven-hoofed demon that steals the Book of Shadows and tries to unravel their spells one by one." - TNT episode description

On their anniversary of becoming witches Prue, Piper and Phoebe face a bizarre demon who pulls the Book of Shadows into another dimension and begins reversing each spell, causing vanquished demons to return and slowly erasing the sisters powers. In addition, Prue's guilt over Andy's tragic death left her weak and reluctant to save their powers. Eventually the sisters converge on the most powerful night known to witches, the same night they became witches, and join the power of three to create the power of one recapturing the Book of Shadows and banishing the demon away in a puff of smoke. Continuing their teamwork, Prue and Phoebe refinance the house to financially support Piper's dream of starting a new night club. - episode description

Notable Lines
"Last I heard you were meeting a banker friend about the loan, is this the credit check?"  Phoebe to Piper
"I think we should leave well enough alone.  We've been demon free for over a month now and I'd like to keep it that way."  Prue to Phoebe & Piper
"demons now, drooling later"  Piper to Phoebe
"How can it be good tro be witches if all it does is get the people we loved killed?"  Prue

Episode Occurences
This is the first time the sisters meet Dan Gordon (their reaction, "Whoa") & his niece Jenny.  Apparently she is living with him because her father works for the state department & is in Saudi Arabia.
The sisters learn that their anniversary falls on the equinox, which makes this a very powerful day for them.
Prue sympathizes with a widow at Buckland's.  She also visits Darryl & asks if he knows their secret.  He tells her that he doesn't, but that Andy told him to cover for them in the event of his death & not to blame herself.
Piper is dating a loan officer from the bank.  He tries to help her get a $60, 000 loan from his bank so she can purchase "The Industrial Zone" (which will later become P3).  When he is injured during Jeremy's attack & she denies knowledge of his assailant, he changes his mind & she is eventually denied the loan.  However in the end Prue & Phoebe have taken out a 2nd home equity loan & present the money to Piper & tell her they will be her partners.
Bay General Hospital - the hospital Prue is admitted to after her run in with Nicholas
Phoebe notices Kit's collar with the Triquetra on it.  Later the sisters realize that although the BOS says they need the power of one to fight, this actually means that with their powers of 3 become one to conquer Abraxas.
In this episode the sisters realize that the BOS is in the Astral Plane.  If Abraxas has read to the end of the book & undone every spell the last one (which originally granted them their powers) would have taken them away.  Prue later mentions that Phoebe loves being a witch too much to give it up.
The sisters learn that this ordeal is a Rite of Passage (from the BOS), which states - "Right of Passage - fight it with the power of 1, or else. . . a more powerful Evil that awaits will destroy you."
The sisters try to fight Abraxas in the attack, but fail.  Later, after Prue has recovered, they defeat him in the park, where they are most powerful for that day.
Grams shows herself after whispering about the power of 3 all during the episode & in the end leaves the following message to them in the BOS "Happy Anniversary, My Darlings". 

Style Sisters
Phoebe - Oriental print navy blue & red handkerchief top, blue jeans
                  with the bottoms rolled up - 1st Change
                  Navy & light blue nightshirt, white socks - 2nd Change
                  Electric blue dress with front slit, white wedge sandals,
                  later adds denim jacket with sleeves rolled up & macrame
                  bag - 3rd Change
                  Brown gypsy style cinch neck top, black pants-4th Change
Prue - Green tube sweater (with bra straps exposed), green tiger
            print skirt - 1st Change
            Light blue tank, pink silky pants - 2nd Change
            Black suit jacket with front slat pockets over maroon top,
            matching black knee length suit skirt - 2nd Change
            Black tube dress (with black bra straps showing), later adds
            black cardigan, black strappy backless shoes - 3rd Change
            Pink scoop neck longsleeve top, jeans - 4th Change
Piper - Blue button down sweater, brown pants - 1st Change
             White Tank, gray drawstring waist sweatpants - 2nd Change
             Yellow & blue print strappy floor long dress with tie front,
             white sneakers, adds shiny suit jacket at club - 3rd Change
             White campshirt, light green cropped pants with pockets,
             slides - 4th Change
Daryl - Purple dress shirt, purple tie, pleated pants
All three sisters have 4 costume changes during this episode.
Costumer - Eilish

Photos from The Wonderful World of Charmed

Featured Demons
Jeremy The Warlock
The Woogyman

Spells Used
"The power of three will set us free."  to vanquish Jeremy
"I am light, I am one too strong to fight, return to dark, where shadows dwell, you cannot have this Halliwell, go away & leave my sight, and take with you this endless night."  to vanquish The Woogyman
"Lavendar, mimosa, holly, thistle, cleanse this evil from our midst, scatter it's cells throughout time, cease to exist."  vanquish Nicholas
"Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night, the oldest of gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought, in this night and in this hour, we call upon the ancient power."  to vanquish Abraxas

Featured Music
Ladyfingers by Luscious Jackson - during the opening credits

Featured Books
(both shown when Phoebe is doing research on the computer)
Wicca Garden
Witchcraft & Demonolgy

Phoebe's shoes that are worn with her blue dress
from my digital camera

Two Lips DeeDee $15.90 sz 9,10
stripsslide.jpg SKU #122628 natural, red, blue, lime

Two Lips Kiss sz 5-10 $14.90
fancyshoe.jpg SKU #7131064 natural, fuschia

Onex Sable $22.90 sz 6-11
onexsable2.jpg SKU #7129180 natural/tan, natural/black, natural/turquoise

excerpt from The Book of Shadows The Unofficial Charmed Companion
by N.E. George
Magical Notes
Initiation is a ritual consistent with both Wicca & witchcraft traditions, but while Wicca recognizes both self-initiation & initiation through coven-based ritual, witchcraft tends to recognize only the group rituals of initiation. The self-initiation rites, which would include Phoebe's first casting of the Power of Three spell, would be regarded as a simple dedication without the bindings oaths of a more formal group rite.
A simple ritual, acceptable as an initiation amoung most Wiccans & a initial dedication in other groups, is enacted inside a protective circle. After a period of meditation, the postulant goes through the following incantation three times:
In this circle, rightly drawn,
Knowledge is sought,
Truth be found.
In this circle, a magic seal,
A mind open,
A soul to heal.

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